Powerbox CORE Handheld TX

PowerBox CORE - the new generation of pro-class radios.

  • Transmitter Trim
    Black or, Titanium
  • $2710.95

PowerBox CORE - a new generation of pro-class radios 

PowerBox-Systems manufactures high-quality power supply equipment and has now been working for more than a year on its own independent radio control system. 

The radio link is based on an extremely effective frequency-hopping process in the 2.4 GHz band. The system range of more than 9 km is unique in the marketplace, and offers the unprecedented system reserves which are essential for maximum safety and security - especially where conditions are difficult. The CORE features a redundant radio link which is monitored by the receiver. If a fault occurs in one transmission circuit, the receiver can immediately warn the user of the problem via telemetry. The system’s reliability and interference rejection characteristics have already been demonstrated at a number of major flying events. Even when RF conditions are extremely unfavourable you can rely on the CORE.

The two stick units are machined from solid, are fitted with quadruple ballraces and sample every control input at 16-bit resolution. The resultant 65,535 increments are passed digitally with zero losses to a high-performance digital signal processor, which is then responsible for signal processing. All four supplementary linear controls - two side-mounted, two at the top - are also fitted with Hall sensors, and each incorporates two ballraces. This means that the whole CORE transmitter is immune to mechanical wear.

Telemetry handling and transmission has been the subject of a comprehensive redesign process, with the result that up to 240 sensors can be connected to the P²BUS, each generating 32 data values, and the system is capable of transmitting up to 800 x 16-bit values per second. For the future this level of performance opens up entirely new possibilities, such as real-time servo monitoring in the model.

The CORE transmitter even includes Bluetooth and WiFi as standard, and in future the latter will send telemetry data to a web portal, so that the information can conveniently be analysed later on a smartphone or PC using web browser software. Model memories and other data can also be managed in this way from the transmitter. To complete the hardware a GPS system and a 9-axis motion sensor are included in order to keep all options open for future applications.


  • 26-channel full 4096 step resolution radio control system
  • extremely secure against interference, genuine redundant 2.4 GHz transmission
  • extremely long range
  • redundant PowerBox power supply system with LiIon batteries
  • high-performance real-time telemetry
  • up to 800 telemetry values per second
  • open bus interface for servos and telemetry
  • sensors and receivers can be set up conveniently from the transmitter
  • up to four equal-value receivers can be bound to the transmitter
  • identical high-speed telemetry and reception for all four receivers
  • robust stick units machined from solid aluminium
  • quadruple ballraces
  • hall sensors for sticks and slider controls
  • 20 transmitter controls + 2 optional stick switches
  • full-color screen with capacitive touch-screen
  • high-contrast screen, legible in sunlight
  • ultra-simple programming even for complex models
  • intuitive menu system with Smartkeys
  • speech output using licensed Acapella TTS module
  • speech output without *.wav files – only text input required
  • supports eight languages with different voices
  • 12 flight modes with priority control
  • comprehensive timer options
  • virtual switches
  • servo cut-off function
  • receivers can be updated by radio from the transmitter
  • perfectly balanced transmitter
  • Alcantara handrests for maximum possible comfort in use
  • File Manager for exchanging data and backing up models
  • integral GPS system 
  • Linux PC system for every imaginable expansion
  • transmitter options and switches installed individually to the customer’s specification
  • Made in Germany!


  • PowerBox CORE
  • 1x PBR-9D
  • case
  • padded neck strap
  • main adapter
  • conversion tool
  • sticker set
  • screen cleaning cloth
  • Instruction Quick manual
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