Electric Sailplane Clinic

Electric Sailplane Clinic Training DVD

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Electric Sailplane Clinic Training DVD

Electric assisted sailplanes are a fantastic way to enjoy soaring, but learning about the motors, batteries, props and speed controllers along with all of the other important details needed to fly electrics is a huge and daunting task. My new high quality training DVD will make that task easier by presenting information about electric power systems in an easy to understand format without getting to technical or geeky. (well, just a small amount of geek factor)

Once you see the demos and watch the tutorials, all this electric stuff will start to make sense, and you'll then be able to make informed decisions on what gear to buy and how to install and set it up the right way. This is my first training DVD shot in High Definition, and the quality is fantastic. (Just remember, my DVDs are not Blueray, but standard play-anywhere DVDs mastered from HD, which greatly increases quality

 Tutorials include choosing the correct wire and connector sizes, how to program an Electric Speed Controller, how to mount and balance spinners and folding props, and how to use a Watt meter to measure your total system amp draw. Also covered in detail are lithium polymer battery safety and charging strategies, cell balancing and monitoring and ways to make your battery packs last longer. You'll learn how to properly solder wires and various high amp connectors to minimize resistance.

Technical tutorials cover electricity basics, propellor pitch and power calculations, motor nomenclature, electronic speed control set ups, and power system safety. Paul also covers prop installations, how to wire up an ESC with a separate BEC to safely run your 2.4 radio system, and how to test your power system consumption with a watt meter. This information will help keep you from burning out that expensive speed controller, puffing that new Lipo battery, or frying that pricey brushless motor.

This highly detailed training DVD is perfect for beginner to advanced r/c pilots who want to learn the basics of electric power quickly.

Topics Covered:
ESC Programming • Lipo Battery Safety • Propellor Use • How To Use A Watt Meter • Soldering Clinic • Connector Choices • Charging Basics • 2.4 Radios With Electrics • BEC Set Up • Battery Cell Monitoring • Power Calculations • Motor Basics & Theory

Electric Sailplane Clinic Training DVD
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