Electric Sailplane Clinic 2

Electric Sailplane Clinic 2

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In the first Electric Sailplane Clinic DVD you learned the basic skills and technical knowledge you'll need to know to get started with electric sailplanes.

The second training DVD in this series, the Electric Sailplane Clinic 2, builds on those primary skills, focusing on advanced building, preparation, and testing techniques required to safely fly high performance electric sailplanes for both sport and competition.

The main part of the DVD will be a detailed a step-by-step conversion of an 3.5 meter F3J/TD glider (Onyx JW) into a high power Altitude Limited Electric Sailplane (ALES) equipped glider with the latest light weight geared motor system, latest high C rate batteries, and electronics.

The seminar begins with a tutorial how to use a web-based motor and propellor power calculator to estimate the performance of possible motor, battery, and prop combinations so you can choose a reliable power set up for the type of climb performance you're looking for.

In the airframe build-out you'll learn about installing firewall mounts, thrust angle settings, tail mounted servos, minimum weight wiring systems, BEC installations, motor static testing, and all of the other important details involved in a professional electric sailplane build. Also covered are motor and ESC cooling techniques and 2.4 radio installations.

Other subjects covered are advanced ESC programming with computer software, ESC data logging, battery performance monitoring, and prop/motor testing with a Watt meter and ESC data logger. Radio programming tips, setting up fail-safes and other safety procedures and the importance of proper range testing with 2.4 transmitters are also taught. A short tutorial on using ALES competition digital cut-off switches are also included in the 2 hour program.

At the end of the 2 hour training program, you'll have the skills to build and/or convert a glider to electric power, estimate its performance with a motor calculator, program the Electronic Speed Controller with the proper settings with your PC, program your radio properly, and be able to monitor battery and climb performance with either manual or ESC-based data logging.



Topics Covered:

Motor Calculator Tutorial • Advanced ESC Programming • Motor Installations • Air Cooling • Thrust Angles • Firewall Fabrication • ESC Data Logging • Building Tips • How To Use ALES Switches • Motor System Testing • Fuselage Wiring For Electrics • Spinner Mounting • High C Rating Battery Monitoring

Electric Sailplane Clinic 2
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