HLG Master Class 1

HLG Master Class 1Training DVD

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HLG Master Class 1Training DVD

Learn the Latest HLG Techniques and Technology 

The hot pilot in North America right now is Bruce Davidson, andhe is helping to teach this fascinating new DVD series.

A fresh off of his 2009 win at the prestigious International HLGFestival and good placing in the German F3K Open, Bruce shareshis latest tips and techniques for getting the most from yourhigh performance HLG in the first Master Class. Bruce is not onlya talented pilot but is also an experienced teacher who explainsand demonstrates subjects clearly so you can quickly learn andapply the lessons to your flying.

Not many pilots in the world can launch as high as Bruce, andyou will learn his tips on maximizing your launch energy no matteryour age or skill level. Slow motion video from many angles helpsyou see his tuned launch mechanics in action. You will certainlyimprove your launches after Bruce shows you how to spin with power.

Flying without a rudder is a hot new trend and Bruce shows youthe advantages of going rudderless and the specialized tuningit takes to make this all work. It really works! You will seeBruce fly his Sirius, an all carbon rudderless F3K model designedby Europe's top champions.

You will also learn some great air reading and thermaling tipsfrom the extensive flight demos Bruce flies with full commentaryso you can understand how and why he flies the way he does. Otherflight demos show how to find the optimum CG and decalage, cambering,cross wind launches, finding lift downwind, and practice workouts.

Don't be intimidated by the DVD's high performance content becausethere is plenty of good information for the beginner and intermediatepilot. If you have studied my HLG Pro Clinic, you are totallyready for the HLG Master Class 1.

Handlaunch is now an international FAI class called F3K, and thisnew standard for competition is helping to quickly evolve thesport. If you are flying contests or are thinking of enteringone to test your skills, the Master Class will help you developthe skills you will need to stay off the bottom of the score sheet.

What You Get: Our region-free DVDs are produced from the original digital master onto high quality DVD-R media and includes a standard DVD Amaray case and color artwork. 100% player compatibility and world-wide playback guaranteed.

Things You Will Learn About

  • Flying Rudderless Planes
  • Set Up Tips
  • All About Throwing Blades
  • Radio Set Up
  • Throwing Mechanics Seminar
  • Flight Demos For CG and Decalage
  • Thermaling Tips
  • Launch Techniques
  • Ballasting For Wind
  • Controlling Energy and Landing Speed
  • Practice Techniques
  • And Much More!

Total Run Time: 1h: 30 min

HLG Master Class 1Training DVD
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