HLG Master Class III

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Handlaunch is now an official world r/c soaring class (F3K) so it was time to create a training DVD which would cover competition flying from beginner to expert. The Handlaunch Master Class 2 is for anyone wanting to either get into competitive flying, or wishes to learn from the experts to improve contest performance. Even if you don't want to test your skills in a contest, you will find this training program highly valuable as the tips and techniques shown will surely help you improve your sport flying. There is no better way to learn advanced skills than by watching the pro's do their thing!

First, you will learn the basic F3K contest rules and tasks in detail so if you want to fly a contest, you will know what's going on and what is expected with each task. In the second section, champion Bruce Davidson shares his tips, techniques and strategies for F3K task flying. He covers contest strategy, team work, timing, and demonstrates a cool work-out drill to improve your thermal catching skills.

The most outstanding feature of this DVD is the live contest section where you follow Bruce and expert timer Dave Klein as they fly 2 days of the Polecat Challenge F3K tournament. Both guys are mic'd up and they describe everything they are doing and thinking during this intense competition. This footage is incredibly cool, and the preview clip video is only a small taste of the 7 actual full-length contest heats flown by Bruce and Dave.

You'll learn lots of air calling and thermaling tips as well as advanced contest strategies for flying the new standardized F3K flying tasks. This is the first training program to have live contest action and you will find the footage fascinating and educational.

Even if you are thinking contest flying is not for you, RCA guarantees you will find the Handlaunch Master Class 2 interesting and educational. If you don't, you can return or exchange it with RCA, no questions asked.

As with our other building clinics, you get detailed instruction on high quality video that makes learning about the latest techniques really easy. Once you see us do things the right way, it is easy for you duplicate what we do. Links on where to buy the gear we use are also included on the DVD.

What You Get: Our region-free DVDs are produced from the original digital master onto high quality DVD-R media and includes a standard DVD Amaray case and color artwork. 100% player compatibility and world-wide playback guaranteed.

Things You Will Learn About

  • F3K Rules
  • F3K Tasks
  • Air Calling
  • Contest Timing
  • Contest Strategies
  • Contest Flying Techniques
  • And Much More!
HLG Master Class III
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