HLG Pro Clinic

HLG Pro Clinic
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Handlaunch Pro Clinic - 2 DVD set. Over 3 hours of HLG education. Our new 2 DVD Handlaunch Pro Clinic instructional series concentrates on the latest developments in Discus/SAL handlaunch techniques with the sport's top experts sharing information on throwing, plane preparation, and tuning.

Become the HL Pro! Paul Naton's Handlaunch Building Clinic - Radio Carbon Art

Our new 2 DVD Handlaunch Pro Clinic instructional series concentrates on the latest developments in Discus/SAL handlaunch techniques. You will learn basic as well as advanced skills for discus style throwing as well as valuable building tips and plane tuning secrets. This video is perfect for all pilot skill levels from beginner to expert. Even if you don't yet fly HLG, you will find the tips offered apply to all types of R/C soaring.

On Disk 1, HLG expert Paul Naton shows you how to prepare an advanced composite glider for flight and shows you how to set up your radio and do final balancing and tuning. This section is filled with lots of pro level tips and advice on building and optimizing your HLG for best performance. Paul also covers radio, receiver, servo, and battery choices and a whole lot more.

On Disk 2 Paul takes you out to the flying field for and extensive clinic on launching, tuning and flying techniques. Subjects include an extensive throwing tutorial sure to help you improve your launch height, tips for setting up presets and center of gravity, and a review of common mistakes. You will then join Paul for a flying session where he describes flying techniques and you will watch him catch thermals using thermal indicating poles. Cool stuff.

You will also see champs like Joe Wurts, Oleg Golovidov, Phil Pearson, and Phil Barnes flying at the International HLG Festival in San Diego. Phil Pearson shows off the latest Encore prototype which is one of the most advanced HLGs ever designed. National champion Bruce Davidson shares his thoughts on launch and set up technique, and Joe shows you the latest in transmitter technology. HLG and aerodynamic guru Mark Drela shows off his Super Gee 2 glider and talks about the development of the break-through AG series of handlaunch airfoils.

You will also see the best throwers in the US get 150 foot launches in super slow motion with narrated analysis by Paul Naton. This section will surely help you improve your technique. No other film set has offered so much useful information on HLG soaring.

What You Get: Our region free DVDs are produced from the digital master onto high quality DVD-R media and includes a standard DVD case and color art work.

Shop Sessions
Handlaunch expert Paul Naton takes you through basic building, preparation, and tuning techniques to help you prepare a composite discus launch glider for high performance flight.

Field Sessions
Join Paul as he takes you the field teaching you basic and advanced launching, tuning, and flying skills.

Pro Sessions
On camera interviews with experts Joe Wurts, Phil Pearson, Mark Drela, and Bruce Davidson. Filmed at the prestigious International HLG festival in 2003. Watch the best DHLG throwers in super slow motion with narrated analysis reviewing the different launch styles.

Enjoy a photo tour of the latest designs and a short feature on the history of the development of Discus/SAL launching.

Total Run Time: 3h: 50+ min

HLG Pro Clinic
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