International HLG

International HLG
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Radio Carbon Art - Paul Naton's ultimate RC DVD and Videos

Reedited and updated! Includes Discus Launch Mini Clinic Paul Naton's Handlaunch Building Clinic - Radio Carbon Art

**International HLG has been reedited with all new narration to better explain contest flying. A new 12 minute segment has been added which updates this video to include the revolutionary Discus or Side Arm launch technique. Discus Launch master Phil Pearson explains the history of the this throwing technique and teaches you how to grip and toss these specially designed HLG planes. **

See the best Hand Launch Glider Pilots in the world compete in the International HLG Festival at San Diego, California. International HLG puts you right in the middle of the action of this "unofficial" world championships and the largest HLG event on earth. If you fly handlaunch or just want to, this video will inspire and teach you about this purest form of soaring.

This year's 2000 contest was a pivotal moment in HLG history as the first breed of new discus launch planes competed for the first time and placed in the top 10. Contest would never be the same!

Learn from the Pro's and listen in to top pilots as they fly the rounds with our "Live Microphone" sequences. See the best throwers in super slow motion and watch the latest designs fly the heats and enjoy the pilot interviews. Whether you are a beginner HLG pilot or a seasoned contest pro, you will get a charge out of this film.

Make sure you watch the online International HLG preview trailer available in both Windows Media 9 and QuickTime formats and be sure to read the reviews and customer comments page.

The reedited DVD includes a 12 minute Discus Launch mini clinic taught by DHLG pioneer Phil Pearson. Order your copy today! One hour and 15 minutes long.

What You Get: Our region free DVDs are produced from the digital master onto high quality DVD-R media and includes a standard DVD case and color art work.

  • Experience the action of one of the largest HLG contest in the world.
  • Hear 4 time winner Joe Wurts talk about his latest High-Tech HLG plane.
  • Fly rounds with some of the best pilots wearing live mics which let you hear what the pilots and callers are talking about as they fly; really cool and educational.
  • See the latest trends in HLG including Discus Launch.
  • See side-arm launches which have revolutionized HLG design.
  • Follow 2 days of action including mid-airs and other mayhem.
  • Learn launch techniques by watching slow-motion video of the top pilots.
  • Enjoy the clarity of this all digital production with clear sound and gorgeous flying sequences.
  • Bonus HLG music video in Black & White captures the true essence of the art of handlaunch.
  • Learn the basic techniques of the revolutionary Discus launch style which has greatly increased glider launch height and changed HLG designs forever.

Total Run Time: 1h: 20 min

International HLG
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