Just Want to Fly 2

Just Want to Fly 2
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Just Want To Fly 2 features a full 80 minutes of new and unique soaring action that all glider enthusiasts will enjoy watching. You will first get a behind the scenes look as full scale glider air show performer Manfred Radius flies his stunning aerobatic routine at the Oregon International Air Show. His high speed inverted ribbon cut 30 feet off the runway is truly spectacular.

The Dynamic Soaring speed record is now 232 miles per hour and you get to experience the record flights flown by Kyle Paulson, Doug Reel, and Greg Legerton. This is some of the most amazing and exciting high speed DS footage you will see anywhere.

Just Want To Fly 2 also features exclusive footage of Simon Cocker's enormous AN-225 transport PSS model. This plane was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records and you get to see it fly over the English country side. The in-plane video flight footage is very cool too.

Make sure you watch the online Just Want To Fly 2 preview trailer available in both Windows Media 9 and QuickTime formats and be sure to read the reviews and customer comments page.

There is also hot flying with F5B style electric hotliners flown by pros Dieter Mahlein and Paul Naton, a strange space age sloper that shouldn't fly, and a cool photo montage featuring Paul's beautiful digital still photography.

And if that's not enough, you get a tour of the National Soaring Museum in Elmira, New York which has America's first R/C glider on display along with its collection of historical soaring machines and memorabilia. This is a truly unique film packed with enough soaring stuff to keep you excited through winter and beyond!

What You Get: Our region free DVDs are produced from the digital master onto high quality DVD-R media and includes a standard DVD case and color art work.

  • Manfred Radius, one of the worlds top aerobatic glider pilots, flies his full-scale Salto H-101 day and night airshow routines with inverted ribbon cut. Incredible!
  • Footage of the current Dynamic Soaring speed records with scary fast flights of 229 and 232 mph. Rock & Roll!
  • See the world's largest PSS model, Simon Cocker's huge Russian AN-225. This plane is so big it made the Guiness Book of World Records! In-the-plane video footage too.
  • The glider that should not fly. One of the strangest planes ever to hit the slope!
  • F5B hotliner aerobatics and speed runs with electric power assist slope soaring.
  • Minimoa Classic. A graceful flight of Dan Troxell's big Mini at Torrey Pines done in Black & White and set to classical music.
  • A beautiful montage of Paul Naton's excellent digital soaring photography set to music.
  • Tour the National Soaring Museum at Elmira, New York with America's first R/C glider and air operations at famous Harris Hill.
  • The Human Zagi!

Total Run Time: 1h: 20 min

Just Want to Fly 2
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