Radio Clinic For Sailplanes

Radio Clinic For Sailplanes Training DVD

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Radio Clinic For Sailplanes Training DVD

Learn Radio Programming Strategies and Techniques

The Radio Clinic For Sailplanes DVD will teach you how to program your computer radio so you can fly more effeciently and get top performance from your model. You will learn not only WHAT all of the radio functions are, but HOW to apply them to a variety of different gliders.

No matter what brand of radio you use, this great DVD will help you figure out all of the functions and apply them to your particular model. Reading your manual is helpful, but actually seeing step-by-step programming procedures demonstrated will cut a huge amount off of your learning curve.

Expert Paul Naton sets up gliders from simple 2 channel rudder and elevator polyhedral to a complex modern high performance 6 channel F3X type glider. You will learn lots of programming tips and techniques that will help you fly smoothly and maximize the your gliders trim and maneuvering in all conditions. The techniques taught in this DVD can be applied to any slope or thermal glider including hotliners and electric-assisted sailplanes. Order your copy of this incredibilely useful training DVD now.

This DVD has a 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied.

What You Get: Our region-free DVDs are produced from the original digital master onto high quality DVD-R media and includes a standard DVD Amaray case and color artwork. 100% player compatability and world-wide playback guaranteed.

Video Highlights:

  • Detailed look at basic programming functions and their uses.
  • 2 ch poly, 3 ch RES , 4 ch Flaperon, 6 ch F3X covered
  • Dual Rates & Exponential programming techniques
  • Basic and advanced mixing functions
  • Harness the power of Flight Modes/Conditions
  • Flight set-ups for electric motors
  • 6 servo programming seminar
  • Learn to use slave mixing
  • Tons of pro-level tips!
  • And much more!
Radio Clinic For Sailplanes
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