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Reese Productions LTDC
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Originally released on VHS, "Lift Ticket" has been heralded as one of the finest RC Soaring movies ever produced.

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This new 2006 DVD version has a new name, it's called "Lift Ticket, The Director's Cut" (LTDC). Rather than convert the original movie straight to DVD we decided to take advantage of this opportunity to re-edit Lift Ticket to make it even better. During the process we shortened some of the scenes, removed others completely, added a bunch of new footage and also added some new music.

Don't worry, all the classic slope soaring scenes are still there, like Scott Hewett's smoking F-20 flight in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Wallowa Road trip, ballistic footage from Eagle & Chandler Butte's, Sage shredding a Zagi, interview with Pat Bowman, the man who brought us EPP, combat footage from the Los Banos Bash and Kiona Butte, truckloads of scale footage from various soaring events including, Los Banos Scale, PSS Festival at Cajon and Soar Utah. Speaking of Soar Utah we've added three new flights from Point of the Mountain and a whole new sequence that was filmed at spectacular Antelope Island.

Perhaps the biggest changes have taken place with regards to the Dynamic Soaring footage. Like before, we start out at world famous Parker Mountain and interview dynamic soaring pioneer, Joe Wurts. After Joe shares his story about the first time he encountered DS we travel to NorCal and visit some DS slopes that were discovered after the Roe video made DS more popular. The final chapter in the movie is about chasing the DS speed record. This segment documents in chronological order many of the unofficial world record DS flights and attempts that occurred between May of 2000 (156mph) and October 2005 (301 mph).

This DVD version also includes a few bonus features that you can access from the Main Menu. If you click on 'Scene Selection' you can access any of the 36 scenes instantly. Check out the 'Cool Links' button to see a list of contact information for many of the manufacturers who's models appear in the movie. The 'Previews' button allows you to view a theatrical trailer from either "Radio Waves", a movie about RC Surfing or the next movie in the Lift Ticket series called, "Lift Ticket to Norway".

From the opening scene of Scott Hewett flying his smoking F-20 in front of the Golden Gate Bridge to the final scene of Kyle Paulson dynamic soaring his 100" Exxtreme to over 300 mph, you are saturated for almost two full hours with some of the best slope and dynamic soaring footage ever presented in a movie about RC Soaring. Lift Ticket ,The Director's Cut is an incredible barrage of audio-visual stimulus that is guaranteed to inspire you to get out and fly.

Smoking F-20

Los Banos Scale

Soar Utah

Got Foam?

Joe Wurts, DS
Total run time 117 minutes
Killer soundtrack!

Scenes in order of appearance

Golden Gate bridge -
Scott Hewett flying F-20 with Smoke-Riters during opening sequence, followed by more smoke flights shot at Seascape and ending with Scott's classic 'in yer face' maneuver at Sunset State Beach, CA.

Wallowa Road Trip -
Mt Howard, Imnaha Canyon, Dixie Lookout, Abert Rim, Goose Lake, Tick Point and another F-20 flight from Fort Point with the Golden Gate bridge in the background

Scale Events -
Los Banos Scale
Soar Utah, including footage from Point of the Mountain, 9000 foot Francis Peak and Antelope Island.
PSS Spring Fest. Lots of terrific flights from this event held at Cajon summit in SoCal including 7 top pilots flying half pipes together.

Got Foam? -
Tuffpuppy Sage shreds a Zagi.
Interview w/Pat Bowman & Joe Wurts about the first EPP sailplane ever made.
EPP Combat Footage -
Los Banos Bash!
Kiona Butte Kombat

More Ballistic Slope Footage -
Eagle Butte - Best lift in the west!

Chandler Butte - Ballistic conditions!

Dynamic Soaring -
Interview with Dynamic Soaring pioneer and World Champion RC Soaring pilot, Joe Wurts about the first time he encountered DS. Lots of DS footage from the following locations in NorCal; Los Banos, Sunset State Beach, The Mecca, The Backdoor Dump and Richard's Roost

DS Chasing The Record -
Watch history as it's made. Lot's of DS record breaking runs filmed over a 5 year span. You'll see Craig Toutolmin breaking 200mph as well as Kyle Paulson breaking 300 mph.
Some of the historic flights include.
Parker Mountain - 156mph
Kiona Butte - 173mph
Parker Mountain - 173mph and 179mph
2002 DS Fest at Cape Blanco footage
The Slot - 202mph and 206mph
Parker Mountain - 232mph and 301mph

Reese Productions LTDC
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