Scale Soaring

Scale Soaring DVD from Radio Carbon Art
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Filmmaker Paul Naton's latest film, 'The Best of Scale Soaring' features a collection of spectacular flying footage of vintage and modern scale radio control sailplanes. This professionally produced production shows you the best that scale soaring has to offer including graceful thermaling, aero towing, high speed slope aerobatics and a jet-powered glider flight demonstration.

You will visit the 2007 JR aero tow event where North America's top pilots gather to fly the biggest and baddest 1/3 to 1/2 scale gliders. We're talking BIG planes here guys!

Featured sailplanes include a 1/2 scale ASW-28 with on-board video camera, soaring champion Mike Smith's 1/3 carbon DG-800, a rare 1/3 Horton Parabola flying wing, and Eric Myers amazing jet-powered Fox aerobatic plane. This entertaining DVD also has in-depth pilot interviews and extra flying sequences that are truly spectacular and entertaining.

Make sure you watch the video trailer for a small but flavorful taste of this cool film. If you love the sport of soaring, you will really enjoy this DVD!

This DVD has a 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied, so order your copy today!

What You Get: Our region-free DVDs are produced from the original digital master onto high quality DVD-R media and includes a standard DVD Amaray case and color artwork. 100% player compatability and world-wide playback guaranteed.


  • High quality photography and editing
  • Vintage and modern BIG scale glider flights
  • Turbine-powered 1:3 Fox aerobatic demo
  • 1:2 ASW-28 Flight Demo
  • In-the-plane camera sequences
  • Visit the big JR Aero Tow Event
  • High performance slope aerobatics
  • 1:3 Horton Parabola flying wing flight
  • In-depth pilot interviews
  • DVD extras with more superb flying sequences: Sunset Flight - DG-800 Akro - Torrey Pines Minimoa - High-wind Discus CS flight.
  • And much more!
Scale Soaring
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