Soar Utah Adventure

Radio Carbon Art - Soar Utah Adventure
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Paul Naton's Handlaunch Building Clinic - Radio Carbon Art

Travel to Utah with soaring adventurer Paul Naton and experience 5 days of fantastic soaring at the semiannual Soar Utah Scale Fly-in. See the best scale ships and top pilots in the U.S. flying at Point of the Mountain, Antelope Island, and 10,000 ft. Francis Peak. A breathtaking DVD all pilots can enjoy and appreciate.

This new film features some of our best photography and production and was filmed during 5 days of high winds and spectacular thunderstorms. Starring: Scale Warbirds, Jets, & Foamies, slopers, racers, vintage, in-the-plane camera, dynamic soaring, and more! If you have enjoyed Endless Lift 1 and 2, you will thoroughly enjoy this adventure to one of the best soaring events of the last 10 years.

Make sure you watch the online Soar Utah preview trailer available in both Windows Media 9 and QuickTime formats and be sure to read the reviews and customer comments page.

The DVD features incredible digital picture quality and sound, full color box art, bonus tracks, and previews of our other films. This DVD is a terrific choice for anyone into slope soaring, scale gliders, and travel adventures.

What You Get: Our region free DVDs are produced from the digital master onto high quality DVD-R media and includes a standard DVD case and color art work.

  • See some of the finest Scale and Power Slope Scale planes in the country fly at Point of the Mountain and other sites during the Soar Utah 2000 gliding event.
  • Enjoy some of the most beautiful and creative soaring photography and music available.
  • See: Brain Laird and his fantastic F-15, Strega Reno Racer, and FW-190 slopers.
  • See: Pro Ralph Roberts and his X-29, P-47, and gorgeous ME-109.
  • See: Dave Reese and his cool P-39 aerobatic show and radical Dynamic Soaring demonstration at Francis Peak.
  • See: Mike Lance and his KA-6 which performs a stunning soaring ballet at sunset.
  • See: Paul Naton with his Speed Runner and his In-the-Plane camera flight over the Point of the Mountain.
  • See: Scale expert Dave Sanders as he flies his Perl Penetrator and futuristic all EPP foam Wigham WG-7.
  • See: Six F6F Hellcats fly half pipes.
  • Watch: Steve Savoie's monster U-2 fly in the big air of Saturdays main event.
  • Watch: The boys rip up the skies at Antelope Island during strong winds and thunder storms.
Soar Utah Adventure
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