Volcano Electric

The Volcano Electric fills the gap between sport and scale flying. Who can deny the beauty of this model? (Non-powered version pictured here)

  • Wingspan
    144in (3.55m)
  • Wing Area
    1039 sq. in. (67 dm2)
  • Wing loading
    16.48 oz/ft2 (50.3 g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
    HQW 1.5/12
  • Length
    57.1in (1450mm)
  • Weight
    120 oz (3.4kg)
  • $799.00

Volcano Electric

The Volcano Electric fills in the gaps between sport and scale flying. With a midline weight, this sport model is very suited for both electric and thermal flying. It is versatile with a a wide range of speeds. It is built sturdy enough for acrobatic flying and flying. Its appearance is also pleasingly reminiscent of a real glider.

The Volcano is also portable. The 2 piece hollow molded wing panels w/spoilers, as well as the 2 piece molded stabs can be disassembled for easy transportation. You'll enjoy the precision fit of the molded GFK parts, the smooth glossy paint from in mold finishing, and the strength of a large carbon spar. The layup is very strong!

Airframe Features:

  • High Gloss Painted Fiberglass fuselage
  • Short assembly instructions with photos
  • Fully molded two piece composite wing with Spoilers!
  • Full canopy and canopy frame
  • Linkage hardware pack

Radio requirements:

  • We recommend at least a 3300 Mah 4-5 cell pack for all the servos.
  • 6x HS-85MG (or similar torque servo)
  • 2x Std Servo



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Volcano Electric
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