ESO Carbon

This top notch purpose built F3F/F3B machine has "legs" for distance and low wing loading for working weak lift.

  • Wingspan
    120 in. (3.04m)
  • Wing Area
    925.2 (59.7dm2)
  • Wing loading
    13.7oz/ft2 (41.8g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
    AH69 MOD.
  • Length
    61 in. (1550mm)
  • Weight
    88 oz (2.494kg)
  • Controls
  • $1300.00

ESO Carbon Competition F3F/F3B Model

Take a look at the sweet lines, curves and the well thought out wing design... the ESO just screams speed and hard turns! This is a goal specific design... go fast, turn hard. It carves like it's on rails, rips out of turns like it's got rockets, and best of all, is built tough as nails. The brand new ESO makes it easy to get into the top end of F3F racing and compete with other higher cost airframes. You'll find a flawless finish, painted in mold smoothness, and a parts fit that is second to none. Everything from the massive hollow molded wing joiner, to the recessed servo wells reassures you that this airframe is designed to go fast and last.

For you F3B guys, don't let the talk of all speed turn you off. The plane has legs too. With no ballast, the lower wing loading allows fine thermal tasks, with the ability to find far out lift and return home safely to the LZ. Full TE camber lets you nurse the lightest lift, and the "special" airfoil responds to all flight conditions extremely well. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

Airframe Features:

  • Massive Hollow Spar Joiner
  • Full Carbon Wing
  • Carbon/Kevlar Fuse
  • Excellent parts fit
  • Top hinged ailerons, Bottom hinged flaps
  • LOTS of carbon and Kevlar
  • Excellent in F3B and F3F
  • Easy electronics install
  • High quality painted in mold finish
  • generous hardware package

Radio requirements:

  • We recommend at least a 2500 Mah 4 cell pack for all the servos.
  • 6 x JR368 (or similar servo)

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ESO Carbon
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