Neutrino F5J 4m X-tail

Neutrino F5J is an ultra-lightweight model specially optimized for F5J competition. It features compact portability to and from the flying field as no part is longer than 44 inches. Features a very thin airfoil and the new longer fuse.

  • Wingspan
    155.5 inches (3950 mm)
  • Wing Area
    1227.6 (79.2 dm2)
  • Wing loading
    4.75 oz/sq.ft (14.5 g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
    DI8120~820, 6.9~5.0%
  • Weight
    from 40.56 oz (1150 g)
  • Motor type
    NeuMotor 1102/3.5Y/5.8 (P22)
  • Battery config
    3s LiPo
  • Maximum Current
    50 amps
  • $2089.95
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Neutrino F5J 4m

This is a high performance F5J competition glider

Soaring USA is proud to offer the JimAero Neutrino F5J, the newest ultra light competition F5J glider with a 3.95-meter wingspan.
The wing of the Neutrino F5J consists of four parts. The fuselage consists of two parts which greatly simplifies its transportation. The longest part of the model are the wing tips which each measure 44 inches (1120 mm).
The Neutrino’s wing has series of transitioning airfoils DI8120...820, specially designed for ultra light F5J gliders. It has a thickness changing from 6.9% on the root to 5.0% at the tip. This is much thinner than airfoils for F3J which are are sometimes used for F5J. This airfoil combo has great performance throughout a wide speed range due to this special geometry, plus the excellent reaction to changes in flap deflection, depending on the flight mode.
The wing and tails are made with solid core technology from PMI foam (Rohacell core). Neutrino is available in two versions.
Standard version has about 1350 g flying weight. Its wing made from spreadtow carbon fabric 62 g/m. Standard version can be used with ballast.
Light version has flying weight from 1150 g. In this version wing made from spread carbon 28 g/m2 and has less rigid spar. Light version is not recommended for using with ballast.

Wing Span: 155.5 in (3950 mm)
Wing Area: 1227.6 (79.2 dm2)
Wing Airfoil: DI8120~820, 6.9~5.0%
Wing Loading: 4.75 oz/sq.ft (14.5 g/dm2)
Flying Weight: from 40.56 oz (1150 g)

Aspect Ratio19.9:1
Spinner Diam.32mm (1.259 in)
Designer Dmitry Irkhin


Radio: Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended

Recommended Motor: NeuMotor 1102/3.5Y/5.8 (P22) 

Recommended Firewall: PNC Alum Firewall 32m-P22

Recommended ESC: Edge Lite 50 BL-ESC

Recommended Battery: Tattu Battery 850mAh 3S 75C Lipo

Recommended RX Battery: Battery RX LiPo 900mAh 2 cell

Recommended Spinner: GM 32/6mm Spinner

Recommended prop: GM 15x8 Prop.

Recommended Servos: (6) MKS 6100HV Servos

Recommended Servo Frames: (2)  MKS 6100 Servo Frame Sets

RC Groups Review of the Neutrino by Jason Cole: click here

Video by Jason Cole

Recent quote by Jason Cole: "I did really well with the Neutrino in a mixed TD contest in Florida last month. Came in 2nd on the first day by only 5 points and then 1st the second day. I was the only pilot to make the full flight time every flight. Almost felt like cheating with this plane!"

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