JR DSZ3650 Mini Speed Digi MG


  • Weight
    1.04 oz.
  • Dimensions
    .58" x 1.30" x 1.02"
  • Torque
    42 oz/in @ 4.8V, 51 oz/in @ 6V
  • Specification
  • Speed
    .11 sec/60° @ 4.8V, .09 sec/60° @ 6V
  • $89.99

JR's new smaller sized Digital Ultra Speed DSZ3650 Mini speed servo offers outstanding holding torque and quicker response. This is achieved by using a high-frequency digital amplifier with a pulse rate of 300Hz (the number of time the amplifier pulses the motor per second) versus the 50Hz found on a conventional servo. The extreme accuracy of digital precision gives a resolution of 5900 steps per 120? of travel and less than .001ms of dead-band. A durable composite-metal geartrain composed of hard-anodized aluminum and hardened steel and brass gears provides backlash- free operation.

JR DSZ3650 Mini Speed Digi MG
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