Smart Fly Power Expander Pro

Power separation and feedback filtering system

  • $149.95

Smart Fly Power Expander Pro

The Smart-Fly Power Expander provides full power to servos and clean power to receivers at an affordable price. The Power Expander has a voltage regulator for the receiver that takes power from the two power inputs, filters it and regulates it down to 5.0 volts so the receivers always see clean power regardless of what the servos do. The Power Expander can be used with 5-cell NiCd/NiMh packs directly or in combination with a voltage regulator for use with lithium cells. The Power Expander does not have a regulator for the servos, so it is always providing full power to the servos, and each servo is buffered so that a servo failure cannot pull down the system.

Power Expander Pro Features:

  • 5-cell NiCd/NiMH or 2-cell A123 battery packs
  • Filtered and regulated 5.0V power to receiver
  • Receivers can be end-loading or top-loading
  • Eight servo channels
  • Up to 3 servos per channel
  • LED indicators for servo and receiver power
  • Full RF filtering of all signals in and out of unit
  • Fully buffered signal line for each servo
  • Long servo lead line matching
  • High-current Deans UltraPlug power input connectors
  • Dual power connections to the receiver
  • Light weight, 1.8 oz, 52g
Smart Fly Power Expander Pro
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