F3 Bag 60 Single - RED

F3 Bag  60  Single - RED

  • $149.95

F3 Bag  60  Single - RED

These bags are designed to hold most electric or glider models in the 60" size. Our new F3 60 model bag has plenty of padding to keep it well protected to and from the fliying field, as well as in storage. High quality materials are used, and double stitching make for a sturdy, but light bag.

The Single bag has 4 pockets , allowing room for two complete models. The bag comes with a padded carry strap, that is removable. There are 2 inner pockets for stablizers . The 2 outer pockets are sealed with velcro at the top and are great for Joiners, or other tools and ballast.

Our other F3 bag, the double zipper, each compartent has 3 sections/dividers. Good for carrying more models.

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F3 Bag  60  Single - RED
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