Espadita 2M

With big plane handling, the Espadita likes to fly fast, but drooping the trailing edge slows her down to work thermals.

  • Wingspan
    78.5 inches
  • Wing Area
    443 3.076
  • Wing loading
    13 oz/sq.ft.
  • Airfoil
    HN 065JM
  • Length
    45.8 inches
  • Weight
    40 ounces
  • Controls
  • $899.95
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Espadita 2M 

With Fully Integrated Servo Drive (FISD)

The Espadita 2M is aerobatic and it likes to fly fast--it excells at both!--but droop the whole trailing edge a bit with camber and it slows down nicely to work that thermal you just discovered. Feeling more like a "bigger" sailplane it tracks and grooves quite well. Some say that Espadita 2M "Flies like it’s on rails." Take it to a windy hilltop and you will be in slope soaring heaven. 

The Espadita 2M handles well, and it's easy to put it through its paces: make it loop, roll, dive & climb. It’s an exciting model to fly, and one that will match your flying ability in every way.

Espadita 2M has a very ingenious, factory-installed flap and aileron drive system (FISD) involving torque roads, push rods and ball bearings. This is the ultimate "clean machine" as nothing protrudes beyond the flying surfaces to create parasitic-drag! SLICK! And--check this--the 4 servos (2 aileron, 2 flap) slide into the wing from the wing root to keep the mass of the wings as close as possible to the fuselage, maximizing roll-rate and increasing control response. 

Flown off a winch or off a slope, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more versatile 2-meter sailplane. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

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Espadita 2M
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