ASH 31 Mi 6 Meter

ASH 31 Scale 6 meter sailplane with a 4 piece wing and retractable landing gear.

  • Layup
    Standard Carbon, Double Carbon
  • $3999.95

Full composite hollow molded 28% scale. This ASH 31 is based off the 21m wingspan full scale version.

The kit comes with:

     LDS Systems and Servo Frames for MKS 6130's for the wings

     Installed Retractable Main Gear with Servo Mounted

     Cockpit Seat and Dash

     Removable Canopy

     4 Piece Wing with Ailerons and Airbrakes

     Removable Winglets

Recommended Servos: 10 - MKS 6130

Wingspan: 6080mm (4 piece wing)

Fuse Length: 2060mm

Wing Area: 103 DM2

Elevator Area: 9,8 DM2

Airfoil: HQW 2,5 / 12-9%

Wing Loading: 100,8 G/ DM2

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ASH 31 Mi 6 Meter
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