Shark HPH 304 7.2M

Very big at slightly over 7-meters span! A true-to-scale stunning model. Four-piece wing with fiberglass-carbon-Herex foam sandwich skins, c/f and f/g fuselage, detailed cockpit!

  • Wingspan
    23.62 feet (283.5in, 7.2M)
  • Controls
    Rudder. elev, spoilers, flaps, ailerons, brake, tow release
  • $7499.95

Shark HpH 304

7.2-Meter, 40% Scale Sailplane

Full-size history: The 304 was put back in production by the Czech company HpH Ltd, as the Glasflügel 304CZ. This new production run used the original Glasflügel molds and jigs that fortunately were not lost with the demise of the company. The 304CZ was updated with the addition of winglets and a few other changes. This Czech HpH-produced variant was first flown in 2006 and was an entirely new sailplane with interchangeable winglets for 15-metre or 18-metre span. So far only the 18m version has been produced, driven largely by customer demand. The new 18m wing offers substantially better performance than the original Glasflugel 304 which it is descended from. The Shark is one of the first gliders certified to the latest version of CS22 and has a 9g cockpit utilising Aramid fibres in the forward fuselage and carbon in the rear, except the top of the fin which is Glass so the radio antenna can work. 

Model: This true to scale molded sailplane is absolutely stunning! The quality, fit and finish is the best we have seen in some time.  Its high aspect elliptical wing design is set apart from other scale ships, and is a true beauty to behold. The Sharks high quality construction is all molded fiberglass with several combinations of carbon layered through-out resulting in a robust sailplane that can handle moderate to extreme aerobatics.

The fuselage construction is strong with multi layers of fiberglass and Carbon in all the right areas. The cockpit details are amazing! Also features a molded seat bucket, upholstered side panels, control levers, control panel, microphone and map. The canopy, also detailed with opening window just like the full scale sailplane.

The four piece wings construction is composite fiberglass with carbon fiber reinforcing using Herx foam sandwich. The wing spar consists of carbon roving and fiberglass sandwich web filled with balsa wood. The attachment of the wing to the fuselage is carried out by the extension of the wing spar and secured by a pin, just the way it s in the true sailplane.

The Shark comes equipped with Schempp-Hirth air brakes, an air tow release mechanism and Spring folding retractable landing gear. With basic equipment, the Shark requires twelve (12) servos, i.e., elevator, rudder, ailerons, flaps, airbrakes, retractable landing gear,gearbrakes and airtow release machanism.

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Shark HPH 304 7.2M
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