737/747- Servo Frame MKS HV747 w-Bearings, pair

Servo Frames (2) w/bearings for MKS HV747 or HV737

(Servos not included)

  • $19.95

MKS HV747/737 Servo Frames (2) with Bearing Support

Soaring USA has brought to you the newest in servo frame technology. These new frames now with bearing support are designed specifically for one of the most popular servos in our collection. Bearing supports will increas the life of your servo dramatically. Using servo frames will cut your building time. Made of fiber filled nylon  for superior strength and easy servo removal.

No added height in the molded wing,  these hold the servo at a "flush" profile.

(Servos not included)

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737/747- Servo Frame MKS HV747 w-Bearings, pair
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