ToolKit RC Compact Chargers & Accessories

ToolKit RC impressed us at SoaringUSA with their high-tech compact chargers that are perfect for glider pilots. Their chargers are great for the shop and even better for to have in your car for field charging of your radio and LiPo flight packs. They can be powered by your car battery or by a separate Lion or Lipo pack that can provide you with enough power for a day's flying. We have M4s and M9s in our flight bags at all times!

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  • ToolKit RC ADP-200 AC-DC Power Supply
    • New!

    The Toolkit RC ADP200 Power Supply is a compact and powerful AC to DC power supply.

    • $39.99
  • ToolKit RC LiPo Safety Storage Bag
    • New!

    Use the LiPo Safety Bag to transport and store Lithium batteries with a high safety factor.

    • $9.95
  • ToolKit RC M4 Compact Charger Workstation
    • New!

    The small and affordable Tool Kit RC M4 DC Battery Charger Workstation is packed with features that every glider pilot can use.

    • $29.99
  • ToolKit RC M9 Compact Charger Workstation
    • New!

    The M9 is a multifunctional tool that integrates functions such as a balance charger and discharger, a signal measuring device, and a servo signal source.

    • $79.99
  • ToolKit RC SC100 Charging Cable
    • New!

    SC100 USB-C to XT60 Adapter Cable

    • $10.99
  • ToolKit RC ST8 Servo Tester
    • New!

    The ST8 Advanced Multi-Servo Tester is an incredible servo testing and optimization tool that is a must have for almost any R/C enthusiast.

    • $49.99
  • ToolKit RC WM150 Advanced Watt Meter
    • New!

    The Toolkit RC WM150 1~50V 150A Advanced Watt Meter is a must-have for all users of electric powertrains for RC model airplanes.

    • $39.99
  • ToolKit RC XT60 To XT30 Adapter
    • New!

    The ToolKit RC female XT60 to female XC30 adapter for charging requirements.

    • $2.95