Ventus 2C 3.9M

Just getting into scale? Consider this 4-meter beauty! Easy to get flight-ready, easy to fly, great performance, and state-of-the-art construction.

  • Wingspan
    153.5 in. (3.9m)
  • Wing Area
    959 (61.9dm2)
  • Wing loading
    21.26 oz sq./ft. (64.87g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
  • Length
    59 in. (1.5m)
  • Weight
    127-136 oz (3.6-3.85kg)
  • Controls
  • $1199.95
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Ventus 2C

3.9-Meter, 1:4.5 Scale Sailplane

Soaring USA is proud to announce the newest arrival to our Scale family of models.

The Ventus 2C from Valenta models is another example of the finest models available today.

As with all the Valenta models, she is a breeze to fly.. The mild dihedral gives stability while also maintaining vertical lift when spiraling up with a thermal. The cross tail is very efficient, as well as lifting the horizontal planes up a little from the ground to provide protection for landing in "alternate landing zones" (just in case you miss your "primary LZ"!)

If you have never flown a scale ship from Valenta, you will be surprised at how well they penetrate, even without ballast. Combined with a wide speed envelope, scale ships are very unique feeling planes.

The wing is hollow molded with fiberglass skins and carbon fiber reinforcements on the spars. The wing also has pre installed anodized aluminium spoilers for that great scale touch. The fuse is all glass with carbon tows. The overall finish of this model is superb!

Video by Wojciech Błażejczyk

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Ventus 2C 3.9M
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