12" V-Tail Socks

V-Tail Socks protect your investment during transport and storage!
  • Dimensions
    12" x 5.5"
  • $32.95
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Introducing our new Plane Quiver V-Tail Socks! These socks are constructed with the same high quality materials and workmanship as the bags. They come in four different sizes to accommodate any size V-Tail. Material is the same as the quiver bags 600 Denier Polyester with interwoven PVC laminate fabric and the padding is industrial strength bubble packing. These socks will provide years of protection for your planes!

Special Features:
Universal sizes have been designed to fit any V-tail configuration.
Velcro straps will keep the socks in place and secure.

Note: When ordering, measure your V-tail length from base to tip and the width where the V-tail connects to the fuse. Select the size that is closest to your configuration. If your V-tail is in between two sizes, select the next larger size.

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12" V-Tail Socks
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