MKS HV9767 Ultra Torque High Voltage Digital Servo

MKS HV9767

  • Weight
    1.35oz (38.5g)
  • Dimensions
    1.40 X 0.59 X 1.12in<br>(35.5 X 15 X 28.5mm)
  • Motor type
    Japan-made Coreless Motor
  • Torque
    94.4oz-in (6.8kg-cm) @6.0V<br>118oz-in (8.5kg-cm) @7.4V<br>130oz-in (9.4kg-cm) @8.2V
  • Specification
    Chrome-Titanium alloy gear
  • Speed
    0.090sec/60deg. @6.0V<br>0.078sec/60deg. @7.4V<br>0.070sec/60deg. @8.2V
  • $92.99

MKS HV9767

The MKS HV9767 is the latest release of Ultra Torque High Voltage servos from MKS. Once you've tried MKS, you will know you have tried the very best. Never has a servo been so accurate and tight, a servo we've been needing for our high performance gliders. The HV9767 has a full CNC Aluminum case that has been milled to the highest of tolerances. The aluminum housing is a great choice for HV servos, as the heat generated from HV usage is quickly dissipated through the casing just like a heat sink. This servo will be perfect in several scale and large sailplane offerings. It's high torque and compact size will be perfect in elevator, rudder and flap applications.


Torque:  6.8 kg-cm (6.0V), 8.5 kg-cm (7.4V), 9.4 kg-cm (8.2V)          

Speed:  0.090 s (6.0V), 0.078 s (7.4V), 0.070 s (8.2V)           

Weight: 38.55 g           

Frequency: 1520μs / 333hz           

Dead Band: 0.001 ms (Default)       

Bearing Type: 2BB    

Dimensions: 35.5 x 15 x 28.5 mm   

Motor Type: Coreless Motor           

Gear Type: Chrome-Titanium alloy gear     

Current Draw: 2.6A max.(8.2V), 2.4A max.(7.4V), 2.0A max (6.0V)

Manufactured By: MKS Servos

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MKS HV9767 Ultra Torque High Voltage Digital Servo
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