Pike Perfect F3J/TD

Pike Perfect derives its name from all the countless evolutions and design improvements which have gone into this final "perfect" product.

  • Wingspan
  • Wing Area
    1161 in2
  • Wing loading
    9.18 oz/ft2
  • Airfoil
    PK-91A - PK-91B - PK-92 - PK-93 - PK-94
  • Length
  • Weight
    73-80 oz.
  • $1650.00

Pike Perfect F3J/TD

The Rising Star in F3J

Samba Models has done it again! The Pike Perfect has won more F3J and TD competitions in the last 5 years than any other model!

After many years of tweaking and testing models the time has come for a real scientific approach to F3J.
Everybody knows that an athlete is no better than his tools. The new Pike Perfect will fit the task in every way. And this time Samba models has joined up with Philip Kolb to make the model of the future. The model has been worked on for a long time so we are sure we can deliver a "Perfect" product to you as a customer.

The wing planform for the new all-round F3J-model Pike perfect can be characterized as follows:

  • Large wing area
  • Nearly elliptical planform
  • Moderate aspect ratio
  • Deep chords for high Reynolds numbers
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Pike Perfect F3J/TD
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