Euphoria Carbon F3J

BIG 4-meter F3J model that employs the latest advances in aerodynamic design, CNC molds, and carbon tow construction. You may never "outgrow" this one!

  • Wingspan
    156 in. (4.0 m)
  • Airfoil
  • Length
    72 in. (1.828m)
  • Weight
    61 oz Empty (1.729kg)
  • Controls
  • Features
    Removable Tail surfaces
  • $1599.95

Euphoria Carbon F3J

The Euphoria Carbon employs the latest advances in aerodynamic design as well as the strengths of many successful F3J models to create an entirely new concept. The main goal of development was to create a competitive F3J model whose superior quality would enable pilots to "grow into" its capabilities, thereby lowering the costs of long-term participation in F3J competition. CNC milling is used to create the molds for the wings and tail surfaces. The 4pc wing section is carbon skinned for superior strength. The overall finish and quality of this model is top notch.

Video by AlexN

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Euphoria Carbon F3J
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