NEU Motor 1512-2.5D/6.7 P32

Neu Motor 1512-2.5D 6.7/1

  • Weight
    347 grams
  • Battery config
    10s Lipo
  • Shaft
  • $394.00
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NEU Motors 1512 2.5D 6.7 (P32)

The NEU-1512-2.5D6.7/1 is currently capable of some of the best 10s Lipo power in the world!

For those with the "need for speed" this is it! This motor is the choice for your F5B model like: Surprise16, Racketenwurm 4, and Avionik B10/12

Recomended: 10s Lipo 65C, Castle Creations Ice Lite2 HV160 and 18x23GM for the Ultimate F5b Competition experience.

NEU Motor 1512-2.5D/6.7 P32
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