DVD - Thermal Soaring Master Class 1

DVD - Thermal Soaring Master Class 1

This new video series covers the more advanced techniques that other instructional programs just don’t cover.

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Thermal Soaring

Master Class 1

Soaring expert Paul Naton’s first thermal soaring video, the Secrets of Thermal Soaring, is still the best beginner thermal training video to start with. The sequel, High Performance Thermal Soaring, builds on that initial technical knowledge and covers more flying related techniques and includes some cool instructional flying demos with ex-world soaring champion David Hobby. But r/c thermal soaring is a complex and deep subject, and this new, two DVD Thermal Soaring Master Class video series covers the more advanced techniques the other programs just don’t cover.

WARNING: Some of the subjects taught in the 18 individual sessions will be controversial, this seminar goes against the norms of normal soaring society and will be breaking known conventions when needed. Here’s a quick list of topics covered:

  • Reading Wind Patterns Like A Sailor
  • Debunking The ‘Vector’
  • Tuning For ‘Feel’
  • Speed Control With Flight Modes
  • To Turn Or Not To Turn
  • Dirty Thermaling For Fun
  • Reading Drift To Find The Lift
  • Gambling: Increasing Your Odds
  • Thermal Trees Grow Tall
  • Can I Reach That Cloud?
  • Should I Ballast?
  • Riding The Wave
  • Ways To Practice
  • ...And A Whole Lot More!

While aimed at more experienced thermal pilots, this highly detailed training video will be valuable to anyone who thermal soars at any skill level. Even if you have good basic skills, the subjects taught will make you rethink your technique and how you think about the dynamic and unpredictable nature of thermal lift. The more you tune into your glider and the motions of the air, the more FUN you’ll have exploring and finding lift with your favorite glider.

This region-free DVD was created from a Digital HD master onto DVD-R media in a format that will work in any player or computer world-wide. All programs have a full money-back guarantee. Total Runtime: 2 hours.

You may wish to purchase the SECOND DVD in this 2-part series.
DVD - Thermal Soaring Master Class 1
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