PSS Masters

PSS Masters
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Radio Carbon Art - PSS Masters. 2 hour film features the best of Power Slope Scale flying. Filmed at the world famous PSS Festival at Cajon Pass, California

Paul Naton's Handlaunch Building Clinic - Radio Carbon Art

This hot new 2 hour film features the best of Power Slope Scale flying. Filmed at the world famous PSS Festival at Cajon Pass, California, this high quality DVD features top pilots and master modelers who create some of the coolest composite and EPP slope gliders ever designed.

What's PSS? Power Slope Scale models are slopers modeled after real powered aircraft both propellor or jet powered and just about any airplane design can be made to glide. Most modelers try to make their planes as close to scale as possible though some tweaking may be needed to achieve good glide performance.

You will see in detail and in flight some true works of soaring art like Carl Mass' huge B-29 and Brain Laird's collection of WWII German fighters. As with all of Paul Naton's films, you get great photography, lots of pilot interviews, and the best flying action ever caught on film.

You will also visit Los Angeles' epic slope site Point Fermin for some half pipes "Cali" style and some beautiful flights by the Fermin pros.

DVD extra features include wild PSS action from South Korea with flights of a giant C-17 and all EPP B-17, and an educational painting clinic taught by PSS building and finishing expert Brain Laird.

Be sure to watch the PSS Masters preview trailer.

What You Get: Our region free DVDs are produced from the digital master onto high quality DVD-R media and includes a standard DVD case and color art work.

PSS Fest
Great slope action at the 2004 PSS Festival at Cajon Pass, California, the worlds largest Power Slope Scale flying event.

Features a wide variety of fabulous slopers, pilot interviews, and tons of flying. Planes: B-29, ME262, P1101, Slope Stream, SU-25, FW-190, P-63, TA-152, the Buzzbomb, and others.

Point Fermin
Visit famous PSS slope site Point Fermin, California, for some scenic ocean cliff sloping action.

South Korea PSS
Enjoy exclusive footage of the first PSS fly-in held at a giant slope in South Korea. Planes featured include a huge C-17 Globemaster and B-17 bomber.

Brian Laird Painting Clinic
PSS building expert Brain Laird demonstrates his techniques for paining authentic camouflage with an airbrush and spray can.

Total Run Time: 1h: 55 min

PSS Masters
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