Storm 3.2M F3B/F3F Sailplane

Flawless construction, innovative details, STRONG carbon skins and heavily reinforced fuse all add up to a very high performance slope racer or multi-task F3B.

  • Wingspan
    126 in. (3.2m)
  • Wing Area
    990 (63.9 dm2)
  • Wing loading
    11.14 oz/sq.ft. (34 g/dm2 (+/-))
  • Airfoil
    HRV 453
  • Weight
    105 oz +48 oz ballast, (2.976kg +1.36kg ballast)
  • Controls
  • Features
    All hollow molded with carbon skins!
  • Battery config
    1800 NiHM "AAA" 5 cell
  • $1050.00

Storm 3.2M

F3B/F3F Competition Sailplane

The 3.2M Storm is an all molded carbon skinned competition class glider, designed for F3B and F3F racing. This plane is large, stiff, and very very fast.

The construction quality is amazing, with lots of innovative and well thought-out details that really set it above most of the other products in our fleet.

The cross tail rudder/elevator assembly comes completely done right out of the box. The rudder is hung and gap sealed, the full flying horiz. stabs are simple to set up or take apart in the field with custom machined alumn. hardware, and the nose canopy allows generous access to your radio gear.

The fuse is pre-setup for the monster carbon wing joiner, wiring harness, locator pins (pre-installed in the wing roots), and a large tubular ballast system right on the CG, that is a whopping 24" long and holds about 4lbs of lead!

The two piece wing is your typical glass, balsa, carbon skin construction, with full span carbon main and trailing edge spars, and the exterior finish is a gorgeous high gloss paint, in a variety of schemes. We never know what we are going to get, so ask before you order if you are particular. The flap servos are uniquely mounted on the flap cover, which is then securely screwed into the wing. Very stable, slop-free connections are easy to accomplish with this setup, and control horn adjustments are a breeze with full access to the servo horn. We wish all our planes were this easy!

We recommend using a 5 cell 1800 mAh NiMh or larger battery pack, HS-5245 servos for the tail group (or similar), HS-5125 flat wing digital servos for the ailerons, and servos no larger than HS-85MG's for the flaps. Our preference is the Volz MicroMaxx or JR 368's for the flaps, but HS-5125's work also.

Video by Kristian Olaf Vedaa

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Storm 3.2M F3B/F3F Sailplane
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